pastor’s notes – February 28th, 2011

Dear friends and members of Chatsworth First United Methodist Church,


I pray that you will stay safe and dry in the midst of today’s storm. (That sounds like a good sermon title J )


1)      Prayer concern: Please be in prayer for the Rev. Ellynda Lipsey, pastor of St. Timothy UMC in Stone Mountain. Rev. Lipsey was attacked and robbed yesterday at her church and she is currently hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Please be in prayer for Rev. Lipsey and her family and congregation.


2)      Volunteer opportunities: There is something for you!!

a)      Have you noticed that annoying buzz from one of the lights in the Fincher Family Life Center?  Well we are going to do something about it.  This Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm, we need a few folks to help put up some scaffolding (and take it back down) so that our resident electrician, Greg Howard can take a look at the lights.

b)      We are very excited about the upcoming webcast “The Case for Christianity” on March 12th at the North Murray High School auditorium. We are now needing help in getting the word out to the community.  We have flyers available to post around town, a Facebook event page you can invite your friends to and a e-mail template that can be used. If you are willing to help in any of these ways, please let me know.   Click Here for more information.

c)       Coming to Chatsworth 1st UMC on Tuesday, May 10th – Time 2 $ave workshop – a wonderful community outreach opportunity. We need some folks who are willing to help with a task force to get the word out to our community about this exciting opportunity. Let me know if you are interested in helping. Click Here to find out more.


3)      Saturday Sack volunteers needed! This Thursday evening from 5pm till about 6:15pm or so. Last week the North Murray High School baseball teams came and helped and helped us finish early! This week we won’t have those extra volunteers, so we need you! To come and help.  I hope to see you this Thursday.


4)      A service of Confession and repentance. This is what Ash Wednesday is all about. A time to reflect on what we have done and look forward to where God wants us to go.  This year we will have two services. One early in the morning before you go to work and one in the evening.

a)      Early morning Ash Wednesday service – 7am on Wednesday, March 9th in the sanctuary.  This service will only be 15 minutes long to allow folks to get to work.

b)      Evening Ash Wednesday service – 6:15pm on Wednesday, March 9th in the sanctuary. This service will be 45 minutes and will be a little more comprehensive.


5)      “The Case for Christianity” is coming to Chatsworth on Saturday, March 12th.  This live webcast will be a wonderful opportunity to explore the latest scientific evidence for God and the latest historical evidence for Jesus as well as hear two well known Christian apologists tackle two of the toughest questions non-believers ask.  This event is taking place at the North Murray High School auditorium from 10:30am till 4:30pm. Tickets are only $5 per person and include snacks and lunch.  Make your plans on being here for this outstanding event.  The United Methodist Churches of Murray County are proud to host this event for our

community.  Contact me if you have any questions.


6)      Coming back to Chatsworth in March! Luella Krieger and Visitors from the Past ministries.  Luella and her many biblical characters will be back again for 3 nights – Monday, March 28th through Wednesday, March 30th.  She always does an outstanding job. This is a great program to invite a friend to.  Each service will be at 7pm.


7)      Prayer Focus for Today: Please be in prayer for the family of Joan Leonard as her funeral service is being held here at our church at 2pm today.  Joan was Ruth Woods’ sister and was a member here at one time. Also, please begin praying that God will use our upcoming webcast “The Case for Christianity” in a mighty way!


8)      Resources for our Journey: Here is an interesting website: This website looks at the church through the eyes of marketing and cultural trends and how we might make a bigger impact in the world.  A cool place to just browse around.


Thought for today: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”  Thomas Edison

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